Specialized Housing

If you have specialized needs for housing, we are the company to call!

Some people need to find a place for their family members without being on top of each other, renting out 2-3 rooms and then having to keep track of the children 2 doors down.

With our houses, you have private bedrooms but in one location! You get the privacy of a home, with your own pool!

You can cook your own meals or order out!

Some people need a place where they can go and not worry about their allergies becoming too much of an issue.

Others need a place where their 4 legged family members can go and not be bothered with extra fees or the worry of what will happen to them when they are gone from the home. With our homes or Condos, you can have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe!

For all these reasons and more...

Call 1-800-535-4155 to reserve your place to stay today!

Or you can email us at info@fitfs.net